Hey, I’m Steve, your go-to Google Sheets guy!

I’m a 6th grade math teacher who’s always looking for new and unique ways to excite my students about their learning. My passion for student engagement led me to Google Sheets where we’re able to focus more on student learning and less on quick clicks to the finish line.


Did I ever tell you about when I first started working with Google Sheets? 

Well, let me tell you… it was UGLY.

I thought changing the color of the cells was the only way to let students know their answer was correct.

I spent countless hours creating pixel art activities (the hard way) all for students to find the answers in the conditional formatting. It was beyond frustrating! The activities were cool, but I just wasn’t sure it was worth it.

I was always searching Google to find what formulas to use. Little did I know, the content I would dig up made no sense in the world of education because it was all created by business nerds using spreadsheets for the normal stuff sheets are used for.

I never felt like I could speed up the creation process.

 But I knew it was so beneficial for my students to receive immediate feedback. Something without the need for quick clicks while they galloped and guessed their way to the finish line with another mediocre set of questions on [insert big name gaming website here]. 

Let’s just say I knew there was a better option out there and Google Sheets could be part of that solution.  I was not only sick of the need for speed, but I was also tired of trying to piece together resources I found online.

Nothing ever seemed to fit the needs of my students (or me!). Now I have all the tools to create whatever my students need (or want)… and so do you!

Not interested in learning about Sheets the hard way, like I did?  I don’t blame you!  Here’s how I can help!


I'm not just a Google Sheets coach, I'm also married to my high school sweetheart, and we have two crazy boys and a Golden Doodle. 

When I'm not getting into trouble with the boys or experimenting with spreadsheets, I love getting outside and doing things like weight training, working in the yard, walking my dog, and snowboarding.

One of my biggest passions is creating fun and engaging learning experiences for students, and using Google Sheets activities is a great way to do that. I love helping teachers bring that same excitement to their classrooms all around the world.


Create a Self-Checking Activity in 15 Minutes

So you can increase student engagement and stop being a human answer key.